The Palestine Shaila

Dhs. 140.00

A Black Chiffon with embroidery- easily worn with any abaya. 


The embroidery reads: 
لو يذكر الزيتون غارسه
لصار الزيت دمعاً
- محمود درويش

“If the olive tree knew the hand that planted it, it’s oil would turn into tears.”
- Mahmoud Darwish

Our hearts ache with them, we carry their pain, their hopes, their prayers.

The Palestine Shaila was made to carry that olive branch with us.

In remembrance of those affected, in solidarity with those standing, and in hopes for peace to prevail.

All proceeds go to support the people of Gaza via @emiratesrc
IACAD License: PRHCE - 002269264

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